Frequently asked questions regarding FATCA in the Cayman Islands.



How do I submit a Notification to the TIA?

Notifications are submitted via the DITC Portal.

Do I have to submit a Notification each year?

No, this is a one-off process.

How do I edit my Notification?

The Principal Point of Contact (PPoC) can do this via the DITC Portal.

I submitted a Notification but did not receive a confirmation.

If you are a current user, log in to the DITC Portal to determine whether you have been granted access. If not, contact the DITC at CaymanAEOIPortal@gov.ky



How do I submit Reporting to the TIA?

Reporting is submitted via the DITC Portal. If you are a new user, you will need to submit a Notification to register the Financial Institution.

When can I submit my Reporting?

When the DITC Portal is open you can submit reporting for all available years listed on the XML Upload page.

Can I submit test returns?

Testing is not permitted within the DITC Portal.

I have received an error from the IRS – what do I do?

Review the error issued by the IRS on the DITC Portal. You can also contact the DITC regarding a specific error once you are logged in.


When can I deactivate an FI?

At this time we are not accepting deactivation requests via the DITC Portal. The deactivation functionality will be made available in Q4 of 2021.

I want to resign as a PPoC/AP but I don’t know who the new users should be – what do I do?

You should first ascertain who the new users should be by:

  1. contacting the Directors; and/or
  2. contacting the registered office.

If no response is received, email the DITC at CaymanAEOIPortal@gov.ky and include the following information:

  • your reason for resigning;
  • the steps you have taken to find the new users, and;
  • contact details for the Directors you hold