Frequently asked questions regarding FATCA in the Cayman Islands.



How do I submit a Notification to the TIA?

Notifications are submitted via the DITC Portal.

Do I have to submit a Notification each year?

No, this is a one-off process.

How do I edit my Notification?

The Principal Point of Contact (PPoC) can do this via the DITC Portal.

I submitted a Notification but did not receive a confirmation.

If you are a current user, log in to the DITC Portal to determine whether you have been granted access. If not, contact the DITC at CaymanAEOIPortal@gov.ky



How do I submit Reporting to the TIA?

Reporting is submitted via the DITC Portal. If you are a new user, you will need to submit a Notification to register the Financial Institution.

When can I submit my Reporting?

When the DITC Portal is open you can submit Reporting for all years.

Can I submit test returns?

Testing is not permitted within the DITC Portal.

I have received an error from the IRS – what do I do?

Review the error issued by the IRS on the DITC Portal. You can also contact the DITC regarding a specific error once you are logged in.


When can I deactivate an FI?

You may deactivate an FI when it has terminated, and the reporting (submitted to the DITC Portal) is complete, up to the date of termination for all obligations.

We do not accept deactivations in the following circumstances:

  • Service provider changes – this is a User Change Request, which is submitted via the DITC Portal
  • FI has sold – this is a User Change Request, which is submitted via the DITC Portal
  • FI in liquidation – we cannot deactivate an FI until it has terminated
  • Changed/cancelled GIIN – this is an edit to an FI Profile. The PPoC can request this change by emailing CaymanAEOIPortal@gov.ky

I want to resign as a PPoC/AP but I don’t know who the new users should be – what do I do?

You should first ascertain who the new users should be by:

  1. contacting the Directors; and/or
  2. contacting the registered office.

If no response is received, email the DITC at CaymanAEOIPortal@gov.ky and include the following information:

  • your reason for resigning;
  • the steps you have taken to find the new users, and;
  • contact details for the Directors you hold